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Oct 18, 2023


Welcome to Prometheus Electrical, the ultimate destination for all your lighting fixtures & equipment and electrician needs in the UK. In this comprehensive article, we will shed light on electric boards in the UK, providing you with knowledge and insights to help you make informed decisions for your property.

The Importance of Electric Boards

Electric boards, also known as electrical distribution panels or breaker boxes, play a critical role in modern buildings. They distribute electricity from the main power supply to various circuits and protect the electrical system from overloads, short circuits, and other potential hazards. Properly installed and maintained electric boards ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.

Choosing the Right Electric Board

When it comes to selecting an electric board for your property in the UK, several factors need to be considered.

1. Capacity and Load Calculation

The first step is to determine the capacity of the electric board based on your anticipated load requirements. Hiring a qualified electrician is crucial as they will accurately calculate the power demands of your property and recommend an appropriate electric board to handle the load.

2. Number of Circuits

Consider the number of circuits you require for your property. Each circuit should serve a specific area or appliance. Adequate circuit breakers and fuse boxes should be included to prevent overloading.

3. Compliance with Regulations

Ensure that the electric board you choose complies with the latest electrical regulations in the UK, such as the IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671). Adhering to these regulations guarantees safety, prevents potential fines, and maintains the integrity of your property's electrical system.

4. Quality and Durability

Investing in a high-quality electric board is essential for long-term reliability and safety. Choose boards from trusted manufacturers that prioritize durability and provide warranty coverage.

Installation and Maintenance

Once you have selected the appropriate electric board, it is crucial to ensure proper installation and regular maintenance to guarantee optimal performance and safety.

Professional Installation

Always hire a certified electrician for the installation of your electric board. They have the expertise to properly connect the board, conduct thorough testing, and ensure compliance with safety standards. A professional installation minimizes the risk of electrical hazards and ensures the longevity of your electrical system.

Regular Maintenance Checks

To maintain the efficiency and safety of your electric board, periodic maintenance is essential. Regular checks by an electrician can help identify any potential issues, such as loose connections, worn-out components, or signs of overheating. Timely maintenance can prevent sudden failures and increase the lifespan of your electrical system.

Why Choose Prometheus Electrical?

At Prometheus Electrical, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading providers of lighting fixtures & equipment and electrician services in the UK. Our team of highly skilled electricians has extensive experience in handling electric board installations, upgrades, and maintenance.

When you choose Prometheus Electrical, you benefit from:

  • Expert advice and personalized solutions tailored to your property's electrical needs.
  • High-quality electric boards from reputable manufacturers, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Professional installations carried out by certified electricians adhering to strict industry standards.
  • Regular maintenance checks to keep your electric board in optimal condition.
  • Friendly customer service and prompt assistance for all your electrical requirements.

Contact Us for Your Electric Board Needs

Whether you require a new electric board installation, an upgrade to your existing system, or maintenance services, Prometheus Electrical is here to assist you. Trust us to brighten your property with our top-notch lighting fixtures & equipment and reliable electrician services.

Visit to learn more about our comprehensive range of services, or contact us today at [phone number] or [email address]. We look forward to illuminating your property with our exceptional electrical solutions!

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